It gives me great pleasure to invite you to the Seventh PAN IIM World Management Conference, being hosted by Indian Institute of Management Rohtak from 12th -14th December 2019. PAN IIM World Management Conference offers an exciting opportunity for professionals, academicians, policy makers, and thought leaders to share their contributions in various disciplines of management, preview current research, and grow professional networks. Energized by the success of past six editions of these conference, Indian Institutes of Management have once again come together to create a forum where best minds from India and abroad can define the future course of management thought and practice. Past conferences have seen attendance of over 4000 delegates from across the world. Globally we are witnessing increased interest in many public policies which require looking at national and global developments from different perspectives. Understanding of Public Policy and effective working of the government sector is critical for overall growth in emerging market economies. In an increasingly unpredictable era of rapidly changing technology, intensifying globalization and rise of social media aided regime changes around the world; policy making has become more complex than ever. Additionally, evidence-based public policy has recently become more prominent in public debates. More such systems are being considered that are informed by evidence at each stage of policy development to the improvement of the most appropriate response, and subsequent evaluation of its effectiveness. This three-day meet will give platform to present, educate, and discuss different issue in the domain of interface between Public Policy and Management. The forum will emphasize capacity building to help render research into effective policy-making and policy implementation. To encourage greater collaboration between policymakers and researchers, public and non-governmental organizations, and to catalyse the development of policy-relevant research, the conference will facilitate a collaborative platform to identify research priorities and suggest emergent solutions. The discussions and interactions will also help the participants in understanding public policy with a dynamic and practical approach. It will lead to evaluating the latest in policy thinking and implementation around the world while enabling a cross border and cross-cultural knowledge exchange between the private and public sector. We look forward to seeing you at IIM Rohtak campus in December 2019.


Initiated by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), the PAN-IIM WMC aims to create a forum where the best minds of the country and the world to come together to create an opportunity to deliberate on current issues of management, initiate collaborative efforts, and contribute to the existing knowledge pool. The Seventh PAN-IIM World Management Conference (WMC) hosted by Indian Institute of Management Rohtak is aimed at bringing researchers, academicians, practitioners, and policymakers together to meet the constantly changing challenges of public policy and management. The three-day conference offers publication opportunities, special workshops, plenary sessions, and roundtables with leading scholars in the field.


Today, we are witnessing several reforms and emerging trends in public policies and its execution that require to look at the global socio-economic developments from different perspectives. Understanding the nature and rationale of government regulations as well as anticipating future policy trends can very well provide stockholders the competitive edge in policy decisions and policy implementation. Also critical to the future of public policy is the application of management thinking, evidence-based and analytical solutions, and result-oriented policy formulation. Hence, the execution of public policy decisions hold key to improving the quality of governance that will benefit the society. Further, harnessing technology and scaling up innovations, outsourcing across levels of government from both private and government agencies, and increased involvement of not-for-profit sector are few emerging factors that have been influencing government policies globally. Governments are now more focused towards providing user-centered services that will provide holistic solutions to the society at large. Additionally, to keep up with the rapid change, it becomes more imperative for the governments to take inclusive decisions, and explore new ideas and possibilities. It is also imperative to understand better the contemporary issues relevant to the growth and development of the public sector which include designing public interventions, financing infrastructure development, socio-economic developments across the borders, cross-cultural knowledge exchange between public and private sector, and other demographic factors that influence public policy implementation globally. .

Call for Paper

Extended Abstracts of original research papers and teaching cases are invited on the conference theme and in all areas of management including


1. Employment Trends in Emerging Economies
2. Rural to Urban Migration and its Implications
3. Interlinkages between Sociocultural Institutions and Economic Development
4. The Missing Middle
5. Child Health & Nutrition

Finance and Accounting

1. Corporate Financial Policies
2. Cost Management Policies and Opportunities
3. Financial Markets, Regulations, and Development
4. Sustainable, Environmental Finance, and Investment Innovations
5. Behavioral Finance and its Relevance to Policymaking
6. Banking Policies and Financial Inclusion
7. Corporate Governance and Ethics
8. Accounting & Finance Education
9. Public Finance, Public Procurement & Public Policy
10. Digital Finance

Management Information Systems

1. IS for A Green and Sustainable World
2. Dark Side of Technology
3. ICT for Development
4. Business Focused Data Analytics
5. Economics of IS
6. Digital Business Models and Technological Innovation
7. Cyber Security, Privacy, and Ethics in IS
8. Governance, Strategy, and Value in IS

Marketing Management

1. The Dark Side of Marketing
2. Marketing and Privacy Concerns
3. Social Media and National Security
4. New Age Advertising
5. Challenges in Channel relationship
6. Macro Marketing / Public Policy and Marketing
7. Political Marketing
8. Challenges in Direct Marketing
9. Green Marketing
10. Perception Management and Fake News
11. New age advertising across generations
12. Cross cultural marketing
13. TV, Films, and Censorship
14. Challenges to consumer sovereignity

Organization Behaviour and Human Resources Management

1. Managing Talent for Millennial
2. Inclusive Leadership
3. Rethinking organization design
4. HR Issues in the Informal Sector
5. Skill Development and Deployment
6. Diversity and Inclusion
7. Social Capital and HRM
8. Work-Technology-People Integration
9. Managing Organizations as A Social Web

Operations Management & Quantitative Techniques

1. Operations and Competitiveness
2. Industry 4.0
3. Digital Supply Chain
4. Policy and Supply Chain Contracts
5. Green Projects
6. Behavioral Operations
7. Service Operations


1. E-Governance
2. The Lean Startup
3. Shared Value Creation
4. Open Innovation
5. Platform Business Models & Networked Business Models
6. Industry Convergence
7. Public-Private Partnership
8. International Businesses
9. Managing Contracts Of Strategic Importance

    The conference sub-themes mentioned above is an indicative list and welcomes papers from across the discipline of management.


    Paper submissions will be evaluated for originality, research rigor, and contribution to theory and/or practice. Selective high-quality research papers and cases will be awarded best paper
    (1) highly commendable paper
    (2) and special mention paper
    (3) for doctoral papers, cases, and other papers categories.

    Full paper is desirable for consideration of award

    Registration Details

    Pan IIM Registration Details:
    1. At least one of the co-authors must register for the conference.
    2. An author may not present more than two papers.
    3. An author must make herself/himself available for all three days of the conference.
    4. Registration fees:
    National Participants
    a. Doctoral Student – Rs. 3000
    b. Academicians – Rs. 5000
    c. Professional – Rs. 6000
    Pre-Conference Workshop Fees - Rs.1000
    International Participants
    a. Doctoral Student – $ 100
    b. Academicians – $ 150
    Note: Above rates are for early bird registrations. Beyond the said date (October 31, 2019) Rs.
    1000 / $50 applicable additionally for regular registrations.






    Prof. Koustab Ghosh (Co-Convener)

    Prof. Shivendra Kumar Pandey (Co-Convener)

    Prof. Deepika Jain (Member)

    Prof. Smita Joshi (Member)

    Prof. Abhay Pant (Member)

    Prof. Devi Prasad Dash (Member)


    Workshop 1: How to Publish Studies in Top Tier Journals
    Prof Jason D. Shaw, Foundation Chair in Business in the Nanyang Business School at Nanyang Technological University,
    Chief Editor, The Academy of Management Journal (AMJ).

    Workshop 2: Publishing Qualitative Studies in Management Research
    Prof. Eero Vaara, Professor of Organization and Management at Aalto University School of Business, Helsinki, Finland,
    Associate Editor, The Academy of Management Journal (AMJ).


    To be notified.


      The United Service Institution of India
      Rao Tula Ram Marg (Opposite Signals Enclave)
      Post Bag No 8, Vasant Vihar PO,
      New Delhi - 110 057 .


    Submission Opens:  April 25, 2019

    Submission Closes:  August 9, 2019

    Communication of Extended Abstract:    September 10, 2019

    Full Paper Submission :                       October 15, 2019  

    Early bird Registration:                       October 31, 2019

    Registration Closes:                            November 30, 2019

    Pre-Conference Workshop:                December 11, 2019

    PAN IIM Conference:                          December 12-14, 2019